18 January 2008

P.B. says Goodbye...

... to her overpriced cable. Now those that know the Name Brand P.B. know that she enjoys a wide variety of entertainment from Fox News to BBC to Baseball to NFL to well all you Nuts get the picture. Her decision even came after making fun of her Boy Cowpea for having $9 cable (P.B. hangs her head in shame).

P.B. has already started thinking about ways to spend her money. She is considering cutting down her Super Sized student loant or shopping at her new favorite store The White House Black Market. Although P.B. doesn't shop at the Name Brand store she shops at the Generic outlet. Which is totally off the lid. She looks forward to having an extra couple hundred dollars in her bank account this year!

Until Next Time.. Keep it creamy

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P.B. Smooth said...

P.B. just realized the smooth connection between she and her favorite ball player... Pat Burrell... is it fate? P.B. hopes so. P.B. loves Pat