18 January 2008

P.B. is not a Fan

of Dr. Phil. He is totally crunchy and P.B. frankly finds him slightly dangerous. All her Nuts should know that he is not licensed AND he is unethical. Those that know Name Brand P.B. know what she does for money {until P.B. Smooth can take over the nation} and know that she prides herself in ETHICAL and QUALITY treatment.

1. Did you nuts know that Dr. Phil does not have a license to practice psychology?
2. Did you Nuts know that Dr. Phil does not provide the therapy he says he does on his show?
3. Did you Nuts know that he is currently under investigation for his recent blemish?

Give it up already and go back to your Weevil City in Texas. He is currently trying to escape potential legal proceedings by playing with words. He visited Brittney as "a friend and ally of the family not as a Psychologist" (Quote by Dr. Phil) Well, no you didn't visit her as a psychologist you moron because you can't call yourself a Psychologist because you DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE! Grrr. P.B. is fired up over this situation. But on a brighter note, P.B. received a compliment from a client who said that P.B. would be one professional who could straighten Brittney out and give her the help that she needs. P.B. will take the compliment but not the job of fixing Miss Brit.
And a message to Dr. Phil (as well as other crunchy psychologists)..... Let the professionals handle those that need mental stability in their lives. You, sir (Dr. Phil) are not one of them but a Weevil of those who are ill!


P.B. Smooth said...

here is the link to the complaint that was filed

P.B. Smooth said...

P.B will say that the individual who filed the complaint was wrong regarding the title of doctor. Dr. Phil does have a doctorate degree in psychology and can therefore call himself Dr. Dr. Laura is a different story (she does not have a doctorate in psychology but physiology) - P.B. likes to show that she can see both sides of the situation.. but she still doesn't like Dr. Phil

Lil' Shady said...

Lil' Shady agrees that Dr. Phil is a weevil!!! A weevil who ran away from Texas instead of face his sanctions from the State Board for having a dual and allegedly sexual relationship with a teenage client. Dr. Phil gives psychologists a bad name!

Anonymous said...

I sense that you both feel very strongly about him!
P.B. I really think you should consider the whole Brit thing. You could get millions for fixing her!

P.B. Smooth said...

Would the media allow P.B. to fix Little Miss Brit? I sense there are a lot of weevils not wanting her to be sane. What fun is a sane 26 year old blonde?

Lil' Shady said...

America loves a success story, then loves to tear it down, then loves to see it succeed again! I think Britney has the potential to make a rebound, e.g. Drew Barrymore! She is dangerously close to moving into the Michael Jackson realm though. If she goes there, she definitely won't return! I do have empathy for her though, fo' shizzle my peanizzle!