27 April 2010

A Smooth Cowpea!

P.B. must announce that a particularly smooth cowpea has asked her to pull a carver. She has been asked to complete a male cowpea's spoon dream of nuptial bliss. P.B. has said "YES!" Whoop! Whoop! Jelly! Jelly!

To tell the story of how this came to be in Pindar would only be appropriate. One night as P.B. and this Cowpea who shall be named, T. Driverman from this point forward, engaged in consuming some PB&J. After all was done T. Driverman and P.B. relaxed by the glowing fire. After some honey roasts, T. Driverman stated that he had a small gift for P.B. She was surprised to hear this since there were no holidays, birthdays, or special dates for which to celebrate. T. Driverman than proceeded to get on a bended knee as he asked P.B. if he would be his Cowpea forever. P.B. was in utter shock as her mind quickly searched for words which would appropriately answer T. Driverman's question. She said, "YES!" which as already been stated. P.B. must admit this is probably one of the few times in which she has been rendered speechless. Yes, speechless Nuts! This definitely was not any boiled moment but Namebrand! The one question which remains is: When will T. Driverman ask P.B. to be 2 nuts in a shell? At this point, P.B. and T. Driverman still reside in different shells, which is perfectly acceptable.

The date of the smooth and creamy nuptials will be September 3, 2011. Lil' Shady is P.B.'s unofficial wedding planner and will be part of the wedding party. A party it will be! We hope to see you all there. P.B. will debut her sophomore album and cannot imagine her Nutclusters not being there!

Jelly! Jelly!