24 January 2008

Shady's Shade (Pt. II)

I am in the market for some new makeup and have been reading a lot of articles and watching a lot of youtube video reviews. The lastest product I tried was the Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. Although some "drugstore" cosmetics are lousy, the same can be said for department store cosmetics. The secret is finding the right blend of products that work for you!

Anyway, I had read numerous reviews that the Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush product was excellent, and even preferable to the MAC Blush Creme. The Maybelline product apparently goes on smoother, is easier to access the product from the container, and is cheaper! The Maybelline product is $5-6 (and you can find coupons to lower the price), whereas the MAC product is $17.50.

I bought the Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin (one of the lightest shades). [FYI: The Soft Plum (mauve - pictured above) color has won Beauty Magazine Awards.] It was extremely smooth (we LOVE smooth) and silky and two small dabs blended well into my chubby cheeks gave them a nice, light, slightly sparkly, fresh, dewy glow. I was impressed that it looked nice on my lightish-medium-olive skin.

This product is perfect if you prefer a natural, flushed look with a little sparkle. It is applied with your finger tip, and only a little product is required, so if you make sure that you wash your hands well before applying the product, the little jar will most likely last a long time. I am interested to see how the darker shades play off of my skin, and since the price is right, I won't feel guilty picking up another jar!

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