11 January 2008

We can put a man on the moon, but...

...we can't invent a drive through window system with better audio and/or hire competent peanuts to work them. Case in point - my recent crunchy interaction with a chunky employee (CE) at the Taco Hell drive through window.

CE: Can I help you?

Shady: Yes, I’d like the nachos, fresco style.

CE: We don’t offer that fresco style.

Shady: It’s on your online menu – it’s just the nachos, with the fresco salsa and no cheese.

CE: We really can’t do that.

Shady: Ummm...Can I get an iced tea?

CE: Ma’am, we don’t have Hi-C.

Shady: No, I’d like an unsweetened iced tea!

CE: A raspberry iced tea?

Shady: No, the Tetley tea!!!

CE: Pepsi?


CE: Oh, the iced tea. Anything else?

If I was being punked and you see this aired on T.V., do me a chop and let me know, okay? :) In the meantime, check out this smooth list of annoying things to do at a drive through window.


P.B. Smooth said...

Shady thanks for sharing that roast P.B. was laughing all the way back to her Shell's couch!

Lil' Shady said...

P.B.! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Hope you're not feeling too crunchy today. Too bad laughter really isn't the best medicine!