10 January 2008

P.B.'s Jelly! Jelly!

A Jelly! Jelly! to all my Nut Clusters around this Nutshell. A special Jelly! Jelly! to my Nutter Lil' Shady for developing this extra Smooth blog! Lil' Shady is fo sure an Extra Creamy Monkey Nut. P.B. apologizes to all her Nut Clusters for not creating this Spoon Dream sooner.

P.B. has definitely felt Chunky today! First, on her way to work this Chunky Peanut with a Box that cost more than her 1st college degree cut her off! Totally Off The Nut! I know my Nut Clusters are not this Salty and Spread creamy vibes across their Pods. Several other incidents began to climb P.B.'s roof but she did not let them interfere with the pleasure of some PBJ, some PB Cremes! So here P.B. is in her humble Shell giving a Jelly! Jelly! to all her Nut Clusters. It is great to be back after an Expired time away from her Nuts. So can all you Nuts do me a Chop and holla back at P.B.? Until next time... keep it Smooth!

1 comment:

Lil' Shady said...

Impressively smooth use of Pindar, my cowpea! Sorry about the weevil and his/her box.