21 December 2008

Onto a New Jar

PB is proud to announce that she has successfully completed all the necessary requirements to be considered a psychologist... or at least to legally be able to call herself a psychologist (when she is not working on her next album of course). So for all of you Nut Clusters that provided her with smooth and creamy vibes on the 11th and 12th Dec she thanks you. PB's spoon dreams are all coming true...sometimes Nuts it takes a few extra innings to win the game...but remember the game is not over until the last strike! Until then Nuts keep your eye on the ball and PB promises that eventually it will be hit out of the park. Well, metaphorically speaking of course since PB does not think she could literally hit a major league baseball out of a major league baseball park, unless of course she was roiding. Thanks again Nuts!

Happy Birthday

PB finally has a free moment to post a special Happy 1st Birthday to her cowpea Erin's son N. PB is excited that he is growing...she dreams of the day when he can have Peanut butter, Cracker Jack, and sit in a baseball seat wearing his Phillies shirt (ok outfit) proudly with "aunt" PB. PB Smooth will need to filter her Pindar so as to not be a bad influence on young ears. But, the reality is, if Little N is to be a Phillies fan (which he will be since this has been placed in a notarized contract) he will learn all about disappointments, prayers, bargains, droughts, cussing, and fan-ness. So, Happy Birthday N and congratulations on taking your first steps towards the world of baseball!

17 December 2008

PB's inquiring mind wants to know

so nuts PB is curious to know why is a Nut who is not married, does not have any cow peas of her own, or own her own shell any less deserving of a substantial raise than a Nut of equal education who is married, has his/her own cowpea, and owns his/her own shell? Is this discrimination? PB would like to know why it is society still insists that a female nut is worth less if she has not entered into nuptials, has not sprouted her own cowpea (while happily nuptialed), and has not secured a worthy shell in which to reside by age 30? PB has been running into this mentality more and more lately and frankly is beginning to regurgitate on a regular basis. Can we say 21st century when female nuts no longer need to be chained to the stove nor making sure dinner is on the table by 1730? This is totally off the shell. PB would also like to dispense this knowledge upon thos who are not regular viewers of the PB and Shady blog, A female nut can still have a meaningful life which is full, smooth, and creamy even if...wait...wait for it...just a minute... even if she has not entered into nuptials (gasps), sprouted her own cowpea (please do not faint), AND does NOT own her own shell (yes, non-PB readers it is true)! PB is still just as qualified even without these very traditional aspects in place. She finds it interesting that individuals do not seem to even imagine the level of dedication that it has taken her to obtain a doctorate degree. Yes, nuts PB is really a doctor (and has the student loan to proove it). Why is this? It saddens PB to think that the education of women still continues to take a backseat to nuptials, sprouting cowpeas, and purchasing a shell. Now, please do not misundersand PB, these are all very nice achievements. PB's crux lies within the noise which is made about the fact that a female nut must attain these by 30 years of age otherwise her life is considered spoiled. That is your PSA for the month of December. Now, PB is off to enjoy some eggnog spiked with Peanut Butter of course.

10 December 2008

Don't even think about messing with the PB Cup!

Dear Hershey Foods Inc.,
PB has heard that you have changed the type of chocolate used in certain candy bars, i.e. Krackle and Mr. Goodbar. Let this be your warning. If you even think about changing the chocolate used in the Reese's Peanut Butter cup you will have serious problems in which to contend. PB Smooth will be knocking on your door, sending you faxes, sending email messages, texting you, calling you, and conjuring up a spell to revive Mr. Reese! PB promieses that you will be sorry that you even considered the switch. Why mess with a good thing? The new chocolate sucks shells and you are just lucky that PB perfers the Peanut Butter cup over the Krackel and Mr. Goodbar otherwise you would have already heard from her and her Nuts. NEVER EVER stand in the way of PB and her Peanut Butter Cups!
PB Smooth and her Nut Posse

Cracker Jack and Fiddle Faddle

PB is extremely anxious (no word for that in Pindar). She is taking her EPPP tomorrow and for those non-Psychological Nuts this is similar to the Bar Exam which lawyers have to pass in order to practice law. So Nuts, PB needs a favor...send some smooth and creamy vibes her way tomorrow (and Friday-as she also has to take the PPLE which is another exam for her to be licensed in the state of Pennsy to call herself a psychologist). PB is looking forward to seeing her living room floor again as well as not reading another crunchy thing about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or the Standard Error of the Estimate. Crunch Crunch Crunch goes her brain in the wee hours of the morning. So tomorrow at 9:00AM remember PB and send a little prayer her way.