13 January 2008

P.B. Salutes Who?

#3. Chick-Fil-A for providing an ultimate (and original) chicken sandwich with pickles. This restaurant takes P.B. back to her roots in the Southern wire grass regions of the United States. And they continue to have a commitment to being closed on Sunday. What other American place does that? P.B. has made many of adventures over an hour away just to enjoy one of these lovely (fairly healthy) chicken sandwiches. She is currently working on a deal to have them cater her upcoming tour! Negotiations are strictly top secret right now. So all you Nut Clusters keep your shells crossed.

#2 5 Guys! Yes P.B. is giving a creamy shout out to this burger joint! Why you may ask? Well, first and foremost this establishment utilizes none other than peanut oil. What's so special about peanut oil? Well, first it provides a healthy alternative to vegetable and animal fats. Second, peanut oil is tasteless and allows the unique flavoring of the foods being fried to be absorbed by the taste buds of those that are partaking of the said items. And 5 Guys also provides FREE peanuts. Not just a handful but as many as your stomachs can ingest. What more could P.B ask for? They also serve a pretty good burger (with pickles or whatever you may like). Be sure to check to see where the nearest one is to you. P.B. promises you will not be disappointed.

And the #1 Salute... none other than
Mr. H.B. REESE! The inventor of the Peanut Butter cup. Now, there is a great deal of history with this little tasty snack that P.B. eats on a regular and consistent basis. It is after all one of the 4 major food groups. Currently, the Peanut Butter cup is owned and produced by the Hershey Company. Did you know that Momma P.B. works there? This is how P.B. ensures that she receives not only the freshest but the best quality Peanut Butter cup. P.B. certainly is ecstatic that Momma P.B. works here and is committed to ensuring that these Heaven on Earth treats continue to put smiles on millions of Nuts around the world! Thanks Mr. Reese and Momma P.B.

Finally, my fellow Nuts, P.B. must send out a creamy groove to the newest addition to our Cluster. None other than just born Nicholas. He is going to be a fine Nut. He was learning Pindar on Saturday night and he seemed to be a natural. He is looking forward to the summer when he can experience the peanut at the great American past time of baseball! Aren't' we fortunate to have such a young Nut in our Cluster? He is such a cute cowpea too... P.B. is so fortunate to have such a fun bunch of Nuts. So remember my fellow Nuts... Chick-Fil-A, 5 Guys, and Mr. Reese.... keep it creamy....


Anonymous said...

As Nicholas's mom I am honored that you recognized my son. He is getting geared up for his outings with P.B.
And many thanks for putting Chik-Fila at the top of your list! Can't wait to start standing in line for the Grand Opening!

Lil' Shady said...

Very smooth picks! Chik-fil-a is good, although I go there for the fries and nuggets, so I guess that nixes the healthy part. Also, thanks for the history lesson. All nuts should know their heritage!

Lil' Shady said...

BTW, I can't believe in all our peanut talk that you've never mentioned "5 Guys"! That is awesome. They even have them in Jersey. I love it when a blog is fun and informative ;).