26 May 2008


PB is finally back in the saddle again. She has decided that dating is worth another shot and she has met a very worthwhile prospect. Despite being energy depleted this man has provided her with a renewed interest in dating. Thus far, he has proven to be extremely creamy with his ability to provide PB with extra care. He has been totally smooth with PB's life circumstances and all her varied interests. Did PB also mention he is a nut of sports including baseball? Could he become PB's next boy cowpea? Is he PB's spoon dream? She certainly is not going to weevil any chances to not stick around and find out. PB does have some hesitation and he understands that PB is a little brittle right now since Idiot Boy's crunchy act of splitting from PB. So let's give Mr. PB Smooth a big Jelly!Jelly!

20 May 2008


Birthday Haiku

today was the day
the world was never the same
you sprouted to life!

Love, Lil' Shady


19 May 2008

Pre-birthday Haiku

your friendship is like
a bag of fresh roasted nuts
warm and comforting

12 May 2008

The Winds of Change

PB can smell the roasted peanut dust in the air that there will be many exciting events and changes occurring in the next few weeks (and for Lil' Shady too). PB and her fellow Monkey Nut Lil Shady look forward to their upcoming ceremonial debut as doctors of psychology. Then they move onto a fun-filled day at the Ballpark where it will be all the peanuts a nut can eat. Third, PB will celebrate graciously another blessed year alive on this planet, humbly of course. Finally, the much anticipated return of So You Think You Can Dance will make its seasonal debut! PB is not sure how she will be able to contain all this smooth and creamy excitement?