26 September 2008

Proud Alum

PB is a proud alum of an all women's college nestled in Allentown, PA called Cedar Crest College. Earlier this week, Ms. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden were graciously hosted by my alma mater. The following link will take you to a video regarding the events from Channel 6 (Philadelphia) and the following link will take to another video from CBS 3 (Philadelphia). Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood was also on hand to have a little sit down with Ms. Obama. A number of other mainstream media outlets were also on hand to conduct numerous interviews on campus. If anyone has not been to the arboretum located on this fine campus, PB suggests making a visit. This campus is as beautiful as it is educational. There is a strong dedication to the promotion of women, which is evident in the development of one of the first and only Master level Forensic Science programs in the country (which by the way has been featured on Montel). PB is definitely proud to be part of this institution and fully supports their endeavors at promoting and enriching the lives of women.Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood filming outside Blaney Hall

16 September 2008

5th Annual Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich contest

$25000 for Peanut Butter invention? Let's go Nuts! Jif is offering an amazing contest for parents. If your child is old enough to hold a spoon than your little cowpea is old enough to enter this contest. Show your creations on P.B. and Shady and we will do our best to pick out the most yummy recipe. And PB does not want to hear any of this, "well, cowpeas should not consume peanuts prior to being a certain age" business. (Ok PB is really just kidding about that-but 'rents you can try). P.B. promises that she will try them all. Peanut Butter is her favorite food after all.

Peanut Day

Skippy® Super Chunk®
It’s the ultimate peanut butter experience when you're looking for that extra crunch. Skippy Super Chunk has loads of real peanut pieces blended into every jar of great-tasting peanut butter.

Skippy® Creamy
It's the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to peanut butter. Skippy Creamy is made from only the freshest taste. In fact, 772 delicious peanuts are used to make every 16.3-oz jar of Skippy Creamy. It spreads on smooth and tastes great, so stock up now!

All Data are courtesy of Walmart

13 September 2008

Halloween Request for Erin

PB and Shady would officially like to ask our cowpea, Erin, to do us a chop and dress her dear son, Nicholas, in a peanut costume for Halloween.

Here are two name brand options:

Mulllins Square Peanut Baby Costume

Peanut Infant Costume (too bad they don't make them for ripe nuts)

Please Erin! Fulfill this spoon dream!

07 September 2008

Shelley Peanutza Visits Cooperstown!

A remix of some creamy pics from the last video with some new photos, all set to the theme song of the Mets! Let's Go METS!

06 September 2008

PB and Shady Video Premiere!

PB and Shady just completed their super smooth summer tour! Despite a few run-ins with some salty nuts, we ultimately had one of the creamiest summers ever!

We even pulled a carver and got our very own nuts, Shelley Peanutza (Mets player) and Peanut Rose (Phillies player), inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Jelly! Jelly!

Enjoy our video premiere! It is name brand! For shizzle my peanizzle!

05 September 2008