25 January 2008

No Double Entendres in Pindar!

For the education of Bill, P.B.'s friend, who believes that there are many double entendres in Pindar, and Mikey P. (aka. quippy), Shady's friend, who just finds this clip enjoyable, have fun watching this classic SNL skit. This proves that in languages, words are simply words, and balls and nuts, as used in the English language, are simply balls and nuts. Case closed.

Hey Nuts! Don't forget to vote in our latest mascot smackdown poll! Also, read the January 18th post to read about each candidate's strengths and to voice your opinion. In this election year, being an informed voter is crucially important, whether you're voting for company mascots or something far less consequential, like say, the President of the United States.

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