31 October 2008


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30 October 2008

Peanut Rose is going to the Parade!

Peanut Rose will be attending the smooth and creamy parade tomorrow in Philadelphia! He begged and begged PB to go and since he is missing a foot could not drive himself. Soooo PB gave into his desires and will be sacrificing a few hours of sleep to take him. Hopefully he won't lose any more accessories.


Congratulations to the 2008 World Series Champs- the Philadelphia Phillies! And PB finds it no coincidence that the mayor of Philadelphia is Mayor Nutter.
the following was borrowed from Phillies Nation

27 October 2008

McCain Hearts Obama!

Guess who was 1 of the 100,000+ people who showed up at an Obama rally?! McCain not only showed up, but look how he transformed himself! Full Denver Post article here. Who is in charge of captioning these photos?

22 October 2008

Good Luck Phillies

Dear Phillies,
PB wanted to let you know that 3 of your biggest, smoothest, and creamiest fans are rooting for you. PB thought you would like to see the name brand photo of 2 of your fans who could not afford the $400 standing room only tickets, but will be watching from PB's shell. PB and her Nuts know you can do it. Let's go PHILLIES!

20 October 2008

How could PB resist?

Phanatic PB begged and begged to get this smooth and creamy new shirt. How was PB to resist her favorite stuffed green Phanatic whom she promised to love and spoil rotten?

15 October 2008

Phils win first pennant since 1993

PB is extremely proud of her boys. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 NLCS Champs. Best of luck in the World Series. Nice story here and here and here and here. Alternatively, if you missed the victory you can download the game here. Ok. PB was slightly tired and weery eyed while typing this blog so it lacks some peanut luster. But her happiness cannot be contained. Let's Go Phils!

09 October 2008

Are you doing it?

PB does it and so should all her Nuts! Even the Male Nuts! Feel your boobies...is a great place to start to find out basic information. PB loves the slogan of "Feel Your Boobies". Yes, this is a serious subject but sometimes a honey roast is what is needed for totally crunchy situations. Grab a cowpea and feel some boobies! Do me a chop and spread the word about feeling your boobies.

01 October 2008

MommaPB's Celebration Doll

Here is the link to MommaPB's celebration Doll created with smooth and creamy vibes by PB Smooth


October is...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. PB has personally been touched by breast cancer when MommaPB was diagnosed a few years ago when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Yes, MommaPB received routine mammograms which did not detect the masses in her breasts. Fortunately, PB's Momma was persistent with the doctors and insurances companies and she prevailed. A more precise MRI revealed what doctors confirmed through blood tests, the spread of the cancer in her breasts to a tumor on her spine (although this tumor is what forced her into see the doctor in the first place). Long story short, MommaPB went through chemotherapy and radiation and has been cancer free for about 3 years! She survived a double mastectomy and has since received complete reconstruction. Since this is a somewhat serious post, PB will refrain from making some of the more "joshing" comments she does on occasion with MommaPB. So, please help those in your life who could be affected by this disease (including men). There are few simple things you can do: 1) Click on The Breast Cancer Site daily, 2) Create a Celebration doll through the Celebration Chain with AstraZeneca, 3) complete monthly self-exams, 4) Eat a healthy diet, 5) Exercise on a regular basis, and 6) Stay up to date on current research and make small donations where you can-Education is powerful.