28 July 2008

Good Cause

So, Nuts most of you know P.B.'s crunchy story of Leukemia. Well, she has a new goal and would like all her smooth and creamy Nuts to assist. Often, P.B. is a big ol' goof but NUTS this is serious. She needs your help in helping The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. P.B. So check out this site for more information. Be prepared for some uplifting stories, some heartbreaking stories, and some reasons why P.B. gives her unconditional support to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Have you Seen this Salty Nut?

Apparently this salty nut thought it would be smooth and creamy to copy PB! Except his "salty" nut made it on the television. How crunchy! If any of you nuts have any information as to his whereabouts please inform PB. She needs to crack some shells. Just kidding, PB is a lover not a hater and would like to extend an invitation to this psuedonut to become part of the Nut Clusters!

For those nuts who do not know. PB celebrated her 30th birthday at Citizens Bank Park and all her guests wore these lovely additions along with Hawaiian leis. Apparently this Nut was in awe and copied her idea. PB is very flattered. This game too was at CBP (Mets v. Phillies)

"Nuts Said"

This is what caused PB's distraction on the 7 Train
Remember to support the Peanut Farmers of the United States

27 July 2008

PSA: Watch out for Salty Nuts!

P.B. Smooth and Lil' Shady were in New York City this weekend and came across a rogue nut who is terrorizing unsuspecting peanut lovers on the subway. Lil' Shady was verbally a-salted by this nut.

Here is Lil' Shady daydreaming about her first-place NY Mets.

Here is that sneaky nut sidling up next to Lil' Shady, who's completely unaware of the bedlam that will ensue.

Shady is horrified when this salty nut asks her, Do you want to see my pea-nus?

PB and Shady are asking all their cowpeas to always be on alert when riding public transportation. Although most nuts are friendly creatures, there are rotten nuts who attempt to spoil the whole bag. At this time, we are unsure if the nut that a-salted Shady is acting on his own or if he's part of the Nut Clusters peanut gang based at Yankee Stadium.

Suspect's Description

1 inch tall
hour glass figure
rough, bumpy shell
light tan colored
burn mark (possibly a gang tatoo) on his waist

He primarily attacks his victims with salty language as his lack of opposable thumbs prevents him from carrying other weapons. He is easily out-run as he has no legs. He was last seen on the 7 train leaving Shea Stadium at around 11:45PM on July 26, 2008.

Stay Alert! Be Safe! And please let us know if you see this nut!

This has been a PSA brought to you by your #1 source for useless information you can't live without, The PB and Shady Blog.

Peanut Eaters Gone Wild!

PB and Shady were recently caught by cameras filming the much anticipated Peanut Eaters Gone Wild! Real Peanut Eaters, Uncensored and Out of Control! This DVD starts out by demonstrating sexy and original ways to eat peanuts and develops into more...

Girl on girl on peanut action!

Sexy Asians eating peanuts!

21 July 2008

Shady Sundae

So, other than Miss PB Smooth, the creamiest, most supportive cowpea ever, no one really calls Shady a genius. Sure, one can earn a doctorate, but as Shady pays off her students loans instead of having an established career and home, she's beginning to believe that obtaining a doctorate doesn't make one all that bright after all. Anyhoo...

This Saturday, while PB was stalking Mr. Peanut in NYC, Shady was down the shore basking in the adoration of total strangers who were ooh-ing and ahh-ing and literally calling her a genius. Why? Because of her ice cream/toppings choice. If Shady knew that it was this easy to impress, she would have gone straight for the ice cream at age 22, instead of graduate school. Ah, regrets.

Peanuts, here is the "Shady" Sundae!
(no picture - was too distracted by the accolades and the awesomeness of the sundae)

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Caramel Sauce
Chopped Peanuts (mandatory!)
Whipped Cream (optional)

1 scoop = Lil' Shady
2 scoops = Shady
3 scoops = Mama Shady
4 scoops = Big Mama Shady
5 scoops = What are you thinking?! You will surely appear on an obesity special on Discovery Health or TLC

So, Shady encourages all nuts to try the Shady Sundae and see why it was all the buzz in Ocean Grove this weekend. Bonus points if you order it simply by name and expect your local ice cream parlor to know what you're ordering!

20 July 2008

Mr. Peanut makes it to Broadway

PB Smooth had a rather smooth and creamy day in the The Big Apple. She and a good friend decided to see a game at Yankee Stadium, not because they like the Yankees (they both have crunchy feelings toward the team) but because this is the House that Ruth built. It is one of the most historic baseball stadiums in the country and it will be no more after this season. In fact after today's game they will only have 29 more games to play there. The day started with that and ended with a spectacular spotting! None other than Mr. Peanut making his appearance on Broadway (next to the Hershey store of course). Congratulations Mr. Peanut and goodbye to the House that Ruth built.

10 July 2008


Lil' Shady would like to share a creamy new app for iPhone. Don't worry, you goobers without an iPhone can still access the site from any browser. Basically, you submit an either/or quandary. Then, you answer five user-submitted quandaries and then are provided with the results of your own. If others star your quandary, thus denoting its significance, it stays in rotation longer. People also have the option to pass on quandaries for which they cannot decide.

To prove that humans will share their opinions about anything, I submitted the following:

To prove that humans will share their opinion about anything, even if they don't know what it means, I submitted the following:

To prove that humans will lie to avoid appearing ignorant, even in anonymous polls, I submitted the following:

Since all of you lovely peanuts who visit this page can make an educated choice in these quandaries, click the poll results above to vote! Don't forget to star so that these polls can stay in rotation!

06 July 2008

2nd best PB!

Help P.B. Smooth's favorite P.B. (Pat Burrell) get into the all-star game. P.B. thinks he is super smooth and creamy! Or the other smooth and creamy NY Mets David Wright. P.B. is attempting to be equal at providing 2 great baseball players with some attention.

04 July 2008

Goodbye...but Thank You!

PB says goodbye to the daily ingestion of pills and weekly injections of medicine. She is grateful for all the hard work the medicine did and prays that its hard work was enough to keep PB healthy for the rest of her life. So, ON America's Day of Independence PB also celebrates her independence from a disease that has ruled her life for the past 2 1/2 years (actually longer but PB will only recognize its destruction during the past 2 1/2 years) and from medication which has made her appreciate all the gifts she has and all her AMAZING friends who have helped her manage not to jump off any bridges or purchase any weapons which could cause bodily harm. Despite some losses she has gained a lot. So PB salutes her amazing friends today: Lil'Shady - Jelly! Jelly!, Erin - Jelly! Jelly!, and Kristen - Jelly! Jelly!


Now, PB is back to the couch.