18 January 2008

Battle of the Mascot All-Stars! Vote Now!

A big Jelly! Jelly! to all of our cowpeas!

We have posted a new, fun poll!

Who would win in an all out company mascot smackdown?

Here are the candidates:

Mr. Peanut - The James Bond of the mascots in his sophisticated clothing, who knows what super creamy and dangerous weapons he has hidden in his cane, spats, monocle and top hat!

Kool Aid Man - With an endless supply of sticky juice, he can drown his opponents and stick their feet to the ground. And don't forget his bullet-proof glass belly!

Mr. Clean - Known for his brute strength and his arsenal of poisonous chemicals, he is a formidable opponent!

Green Giant - Towering over his enemies, he is fortified with nutrients and has a secret asparagus gas smell to paralyze his adversaries!

Engergizer Bunny - Furry, short and cute, he may seem like an underdog, but he is known for his endurance!

Vote now and let us know your rationale!

Also, what is each one's kryptonite?!?


Anonymous said...

The Energizer Bunny...he keeps going and going and going....

Lil' Shady said...

Would The Energizer Bunny be easily short-circuited by Kool Aid's juice spray?

I voted for Mr. Peanut! Unlike the other mascots, he was super secret weapons!

P.B. Smooth said...

Mr. Peanut fo' shizzle my peanizzle
I think Mr. Peanut would be best portrayed by Sean Connery... oh how creamy

Lil' Shady said...

LOL. How surprising that Lil' Shady and P.B. would vote for Mr. Peanut. Brad Garrett (Ray's brother on Everybody Loves Raymond) could be the Green Giant.