30 January 2008

Happy Birthday Shady!

P.B. found it difficult to sleep this evening (and morning). Could it be in anticipation of the future National Lil' Shady Holiday? Probably. So in honor of Lil' Shady's super smooth and creamy entrance into this small world of ours: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mr. Peanut salutes you! (take note Nuts that even Mr. Peanut has a shady monocle)

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Lil' Shady said...

Aw, thanks, P.B.! Shady think that this is the most creamy birthday shout out ever! Shady hopes that one day she is worthy enough of National 'Lil Shady Day. Everyone would have off of work, and eat peanut-related products, and wear shades, and make obscure pop culture references, and pay it forward. Peanutopia!