22 January 2008

Ep 3: Flashback!/The Truth 'Bout Shady

American Idol was very enjoyable tonight. The judges acted like human beings. Imagine that! Remember season 1, when almost no contestants were allowed to approach the mighty judges? Also, there were many good contestants shown, and no uncomfortable tirades.

So, what I want to take a moment to discuss, is the "truth 'bout Shady." Shady has a very good memory, especially for meaningless pop culture, and television shows. Think of Shady as Rain Woman, without the ability to count hundreds of matchsticks in a few seconds.

Shady is often asked if she really remembers such things, or just looks them up. The sad truth is that she does actually remember such things.

So was the case for Shady while watching American Idol tonight. All she had to hear was "David Archuleta" and she immediately recognized his name and remembered that he had been on Star Search in the Junior Division - the 2003 version with Arsenio Hall. She then recalled so many random facts about Star Search (a show she didn't even remember caring about) - like that Mark Mejia sang MacArthur Park - that it scared her a little bit.

So, Shady will sign off for tonight and reexamine her sad life, and ponder how powerful she could really be in the world if she replaced meaningless facts with consequential information. Can someone tell me why Shady's brain still finds it important for her to know facts like that Jodie Sweetin was in an Oscar Meyer commercial before landing the role of Stephanie in Full House (yes, Shady had these ridiculous powers, even as a child, and still remembers exactly what Jodie was wearing in the commercial!).

So, I found the old commercial! Not really a classic American Idol performance, but join me in my madness, won't you? :)Shady out!

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P.B. Smooth said...

This is why P.B. has you as part of her Nuts! You keep P.B. on the up and up