15 January 2008

American Idol!! American Idol!!!

American Idol starts tonight!!! Jelly!!! Jelly!!! Not quite as exciting as opening day at Shea Stadium, but still! OMG, I just realized the baseball wars that will take place on this blog this Spring between Shady and P.B.

Stay tuned for my AI recaps! In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite AI moments. The setup: Auditioner Michael Sandecki, a huge Clay Aiken fan, wins "Best Impersonation" for his Clay looks (not voice, you hecklers!). Sandecki gets the surprise of his life while singing. I laugh every time I see this clip. It's like a physiological response that releases endorphins and I cannot help but feel happy. Some people would argue that exercise has a similar effect, but my option does not require that I leave my couch.

Enjoy! I'll be posting a classic AI clip with each current season recap! Shady out!

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