06 May 2010


P.B. needs the assistance of all her fans. She recently nominated Lil' Shady for her smooth and creamy dedication to helping others, particularly those where there is little support. Her organization reaches hundreds of women. She provides hope and inspiration to women who have been sexually abused by their mothers. So, please help P.B. in making her one of MLB's People All-Stars Among Us! Voting begins May 30 and will continue through June 20. Let's go Lil' Shady!

National Cancer Research Month

P.B. was reminded by Honest Tea that it was National Cancer Research Month. As many of you know P.B. has gone through some crunchy situations due to cancer. So, P.B. wants all her Peanuts to make sure they are doing everything they can to be preventative! This is a honey of a site that will help you choose healthy beverages. The American Institute for Cancer Research also has some great recipes! And while you are on your way to being a healthier nut make sure to honor your mom MOM( if she is deserving)! At the Leukemia and Lymphoma society you can make a contribution in her honor. So do NOT be a dried nut and start taking small steps to a healthier you!
P.B. wishes everyone a cancer free life. Trust me P.B. unfortunately has experience and it truly was crunchy!

05 May 2010

May 18 "I Love REESE'S Day"?

IF PB has anything to do with this it will be declared a smooth and creamy national holiday and all will have a day off their respective jobs. Except for the creamy Reese's workers!
Visit this site to sign up and enter a few sweepstakes. GOOOOOOOO Reese's!