29 June 2009

PB Loco

PB and Lil' Shady visited this ultimate smooth and creamy shell waaaaaay back on February 14, 2009. Just so you know, PB Loco, is an amazing little place. PB adventured 3 hours from home to share in this heart day with her cowpea Lil'Shady...more pics to come... but here are a few

27 June 2009

Let the Preperations Begin

PB has begun her preperations for her international travels. Yes, PB is going to be an international hit. She will be embarking on a 10 day excursion to Costa Rica. And due to the high demand she will be unable to fulfill any further requests for the bringing back of Monkies. Other requests will be honored. So, if any of PB's nutters have any peanuts of wisdom please pass them along.

10 June 2009

PB Cookie Day

this spectacular day is upcoming! Share your favorite PB cookie recipes!!!!

PB is a bad Nutter

PB apologizes to all her Nuts. She has not kept you fresh on the smooth adventures of PB (and Lil' Shady). Can you ever forgive her? Please say you can. PB will not be able to handle the crunchiness which it would cause. How can she make it up to you Nuts? Please leave a post and she will gladly oblige (within reason of course). What have all my Nuts been doing? PB has been rather busy creating her sophomore album, visiting PB Loco, and beginning her tour of the ballparks yet again.