21 January 2008

...And the GIANTS go to the Superbowl?

Can a 27 year old (at least he will be when he goes to #42) inexperienced Eli Manning pull a carver on the pretty boy Tom Brady? (P.B. has a crunchy feeling regarding Mr. Brady and the use of his stunt double during games to be discussed at a later time and you also must understand that when P.B. begins calling someone Mr. it is NEVER good). P.B. had a difficult day swallowing the unsmooth results of yesterday's Name Brand (or shall they be called Generic) attempts by the Packers and Chargers. What happened to the legend Brett Favre (P.B. pronounces it FAAVREE). Could it have been the -3 degree weather with -20+ wind chill factors? Doubtful. Could it have been the Giants outplayed them? It seems as such, they were the clear favorites, but the Giants did surprise P.B. in the recent upset of the HATED WEEVIL Cowboys (P.B. refers to both the Cowboys and Patriots as Axes of Evil). But the Packers had the advantage when they won the coin toss of the overtime play. They were given 2 chances (Thanks to Feagles 2 missed field goal attempts) then what does Favre do? Interception? Maybe the hands of karma were coming back after the Packers for unfair play? P.B. was utterly crushed and knew instantly the result would be a Giant victory. Even today, MLK day, P.B. has grave difficulties comprehending yesterday's final scores. The GIANTS (The GIANTS) are going to #42? What? If P.B. would have predicted that the cheater Patriots and The Giants were to be in #42 P.B.'s Nuts would not have permitted her to discuss football any longer and committed her to a secured non-football watching facility. Now, P.B. must pull a carver and root for yet another upset. The cheater Patriots MUST go down. Professional football has no room for perfection, it defies all logic of the game. So here's to Feb 3 and the unthinkable upset that the Giants MUST finalize. P.B. cannot believe she is going to say this.... Let's GO Giants and Eli!

The EAGLES are still P.B.'s 1st love, no worries boys. P.B. has no room in her heart for the Giants, but P.B. knows you will understand why her energies MUST go into cheering the Giants to a victory.

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Heather said...

Yes!! A fellow Tom Brady hater!