25 January 2008

Presidential Election

P.B. considers herself a conscious American who tries to do her civil duty during every election (yes, including those that are not Federal government). As a woman, she sees her duty and privilege to vote. P.B. has been known to send voting registration cards to friends to encourage them to vote, she has offered to drive people to poles, and even offered to go and vote for their desired selections (although she thinks she probably would not do this since it is illegal). But frankly who wants to hear P.B.'s political views. It is a personal choice that needs to be made based on one's own personal, political, societal, and environmental views. So EDUCATE yourself Nuts!

women's Suffrage:
Did you know New Zealand was the first country to grant women the right to vote? Well, they were. Did you know there are countries where women STILL are not allowed to vote b/c they are STILL considered inferior and less capable than men?

When to Vote:
P.B. wanted to inform her nuts across the country regarding when to vote. And if you need a ride P.B. would be glad to take you. so follow this link to find out when you are to vote. Our country is in a definite state of transition and there is a need for everyone to get out there and voice their smooth opinions. Every vote counts! There are a few quizzes out there too that will help my Nuts decide, but P.B. does not want to endorse any one in particular. Use all sources of information to educate the Nut mind.

wow! P.B. was shocked to see some of the expired butter slinging that has started already. P.B. could rant regarding the current state of our country, presidential election race, and/or process. Let's get back to the real issues the average Nut America wants at the head of the Nut Chopper. America does need change, and that is all the political verbiage P.B. will bestow. She has her thoughts on who she is going to vote for on April 22, 2008 (primary day in P.B.'s pod).

P.B. would love to hear her fellow Nuts comments on the current Presidential Election process, race, past voting experiences, etc. P.B. does ask this: Why when she goes to vote at the poling places is it always soon to expire Nuts running the place? Once, she had to tell an almost expired Nut to back off she knew how to push the touch screen. This expired Nut was invading P.B.s civil liberty space and expectations that her voting process would be private and confidential. P.B. wants to take her soon to be 7 year old nephew cowpea with her when she votes this year!

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