17 January 2008

P.B. Is not Happy :(

P.B. is very upset with the recent dismissal of Kit from Project Runway. A totally crunchy move by the judges and the producers. Rammi was clearly the one that needs to go. Yeah, sure he makes creamy dressy with fantastic draping. Seen that, in Season #3 with the Miami Woman who made flowy Miami dresses Oolie (or however you spell her name). Come on Come on. Kit is clearly the more creative of those two Nuts. P.B. is super ooober unhappy. And for once I really liked what Christian helped design and for once he totally did not climb my roof! Looking forward to next week's challenge.


Anonymous said...

exactly how many reality shows are you watching now?

P.B. Smooth said...

P.B. watches Project Runway religiously (only skipping a few episodes but making up during the weekend) and The Biggest Loser thanks to her Boy Cowpea and his obsession with it!
Wait does the reality show involving the demise of Dr. Phil count?