22 February 2008

PB has a Date

PB is filled with anxiety as she awaits her first date. It is as if she is going to meet the man that will become her husband. PB stresses what to wear, which hat will be the most appropriate? Which flip flops are the best for today’s weather? PB anticipates the smells of pine tar, hot dogs, beer, and PEANUTS! Yes, PB has a date with the opening of BASEBALL season. 162 games to play and they ALL count. So in honor of this opening game PB has developed her list of the 25 reasons why Baseball is superior to say… Football. PB enjoys football and watches it religiously but given a choice between the two…shells down…Baseball. She would like to credit some of the ideas to Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell who in 1987 wrote the 99 reasons why baseball is better than football, which was ingenious. PB has tried to add her PB flair to her list of 25. Play Ball!

PB's 25 Reason's why Baseball is Great
1. The uniqueness of each and every ballpark. Some bad, some ugly, some fan friendly, some hitter park friendly, the foul poles, the turf, the wind, the size, any unusual obstacles in the outfield?
2.Love him or hate him even George Steinbrenner saw the light
3. Abott and Costello (and a side note that Costello was a Peanut vendor in the skit)- how can you not laugh when you even think about the 4 minute exchange of Who’s on First?
4. Fans in flip flops and shorts holding a cold beer!
5. Take me out to the Ballgame 7th inning stretch is as universal as the National Anthem
6. Bubblegum blowing relief pitchers, catchers, managers, and mascots – no headsets here
7. Head coach vs. umpire showdowns. There is nothing better than dirt being kicked on an ump by an angry manager or maybe spit flying in an ump’s face? Nuts decide
8. Batting practice
9. Fly, Foul, or Homerun Balls
10. Plenty of time to get a hot dog, use the restroom, and enjoy the view
11. 162 games which are available on several mediums and some are free to all. The nostalgia of AM radio and a baseball game
12. Baseball has manners – no coin toss here
13. Baseball equipment: bat, ball, cup and helmet. Football equipment: cup, helmet, mouth guard, face guard, pads, gloves, darkened out mask guard, bling, etc.
14. Baseball players play the entire game unless they are Aaron Rowand and make an outstanding sacrifice of the body while still MAKING the play!
15. 9 innings to make a comeback with no 2 minute warning
16. No ONE watches the World Series for the commercials
17. Every baseball team has the same types of schedule – each team will play easy and hard teams no need to modify schedules to create competitiveness
18. No flags. We know when it’s a homerun, we don’t wait with baited breath to see if it is a Homerun or not
19. A baseball team changes each year even with the same players and managers
20. Baseball is easier to watch in any form. Football has many points of focus, watch one and you miss a ton of other important information.
21. Every baseball player counts and they all need to be working together at the same time.
22. You never see a team ask a crowd to be quiet
23. It takes control and moderation to win the game of baseball not bruit force
24. Doubleheaders
25. Baseball players have far superior posteriors than football players – no added pads there female nuts.

Nuts feel free to leave comments as to why Baseball is so great.


Anonymous said...

i believe my little nut is anxiously awaiting PB to take him to his first game. he told me so!

Lil' Shady said...

Baseball is better than football because...during baseball games, the rate of fathers spending quality time with their children goes up, but during football games, the rate of husbands beating on their wives goes up.