15 February 2008

Baseball Life Lessons

Here are Shady's top 20 life lessons she has learned from baseball:

20. Things are often more complicated than they look.
19. Be ready to play every day...
18. But everybody needs a day off sometimes.
17. Versatility and depth will bring success, especially when the game goes long.
16. It’s not over ‘til it’s over!
15. There is no time limit on winning.
14. It’s normal to strike out sometimes.
13. An amazing play can happen at any moment.
12. The most important game is the one being played at that moment.
11. Small changes can produce large results.
10. Everyone is important.
9. Anyone can be a hero.
8. No one can win alone.
7. Long term results matter more than short term results.
6. The best plays involve many people doing their very best.
5. Sometimes you have to take it one base at a time.
4. Losing streaks are inevitable, but so are winning streaks.
3. Sometimes you have to allow others to help you arrive safely home.
2. Stealing is okay, as long as you don’t get caught! (just kidding)
1. Nothing is better than celebrating at home (plate) with your friends.

1 comment:

P.B. Smooth said...

PB thinks Shady's wisdom regarding baseball is far beyond words. But nothing is more truer than those lessons. Thanks Shady for imparting some lyrical and creamy wisdom! (although the only thing PB disagrees with is it should actually say Let's Go Phillies!)