18 February 2008

Man Holidays- ugh

PB finds it rather annoying when most organizations get these man holidays off. What does PB mean by a "man holiday". Well, they are those annoying days when the banks are closed, post offices are closed, and all govermental workers have off. And all of those days are in celebration of men. Where are the women's holidays? Do women ever get a day off? No. PB was complaining to a friend regarding this and she was informed there is an International Women's Day which is celebrated March 8th. This event has been happening since 1911! And Philadelphia is finally celebrating its 1st International Women's Day. Yes, your Nutclustered eyes read that correctly, its 1st! Can the US please wake up and smell the roasted Nuts? Women should be celebrated too.

On a side note, PB would like to extend some Get Well wishes to her friend Bill. This Peanut would also like to wish you creamy vibes and a smooth recovery!

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