11 February 2008

Clinton-Obama Drama

Shady guesses it's no secret that she is not Hillary Clinton's #1 Fan. However, Shady does not "hate" Clinton. Shady does hate it when the media and others presume that women who do not support Hillary are being jealous or bitchy. Suprise! Women do have independent, analytical minds that can dislike Hillary based on politics. Shady does not have to support Hillary just because she's a woman, just like Black people do not have to support Barack just because he is Black.

That said, Shady has to admit that she has been feeling empathy for Hillary lately. She had to lend her own money to her campaign while Obama's campaign money is flowing, she's lost the last few contests, she changed her campaign manager, and then Shady had to just shake her head last night when Obama won the Grammy for spoken word over (Bill) Clinton. Those Clintons just can't catch a break these days!, Shady thought.

Then, in an instant, Shady's empathy evaporated when she read reports that Clinton's new spin is that she is the underdog candidate and that Obama represents the establishment. What the nut?! A year ago, no one would have thought that Obama would be neck to neck with Clinton, and up to a week ago, she was ahead in pledged delegates. Her campaign is faltering as much as Obama's is succeeding. She basically has tried to take Obama's approach for her own, even though it contradicts her campaign's earlier talking points. Spinning sh*t like that, and stating it with such bold-faced certainty, reminded Shady exactly of why she dislikes the Clintons. Thanks, Hillary!

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