16 February 2008

News Alert: Mr. Peanut Announcement

Earlier this evening in an unprecedented move by Mr. Peanut he made a special announcement. He declared his unconditional support to the Philadelphia Phillies as his team for the 2008 Baseball season. Pat Burrell’s bobble head also made an appearance, as Pat Burrell himself was unavailable due to the beginning of spring training.

P.S. PB found another blogger who has obsessional thoughts regarding the smooth and creamy posterior of Mr. Pat Burrell. Ok female Nuts PB knows he went to the U of Miami and is probably a box of rocks... but he can certainly chop PB's nuts any time he wants.


Anonymous said...

ooo big step there!! now u are calling him a "mr" is this an exception to the rule?!

P.B. Smooth said...

PB says Mr. Peanut is the exception to the rule of course. And well PB also specified that Pat Burrell was Mr. Pat Burrell, so of course he IS NOT in the Mr. category.