27 April 2008

It Finally Happened!

April 26, 2008 was a totally historic moment. PB decided to take her 1 and only nephew cowpea to the Reading Phillies AA minor league baseball game last night! Now, her Nephew cowpea is not so found of America's favorite past time, so she was a little nervous. BUT he loved it. He even got his baseball signed by several of the players which made him giggle like a school girl. Ha ha. And that is when PB found her future husband. AHHHH and is it a coincidence that when PB glanced into his peanut shaped eyes, he looked at hers too? Ahhh sigh. so here is a little background information PB dug up on her new obsession with none other than LF Luke Appert. yes, Nuts, w/o even knowing it PB fell in love with yet another LFer. Nuts you must remember Mr. Pat Burrell also hailed from the R. Phils! He seems like a stand up guy? No? He is only 2 years younger than PB, which she can handle. So, there are several problems: 1) he lives in Minnesota, -which might be a fine state PB doesn't know and 2) he doesn't know PB exists - unless you count the 2 times he looked into PB's eyes and Momma PB asked him if he was married. PB might have been drooling at that point, not sure. Sigh. so if any of my fellow Nuts know Mr. Luke Appert would you kindly pass along my blog and tell him PB will gladly support his fine posterior until his big major league debut? And Mr. Luke Appert if you are reading this, THANK YOU, now will you marry PB? PB promises no peanut themed weddings (since so many nuts are allergic). And there was yet one more historical event that occurred but PB cannot share at this time since it is a secret. PB is not good at secrets. But in due time Nuts it will be revealed and PB can't wait!!!! PB salutes Luke Appert. How does Dr. PB Appert sound?


Lil' Shady said...

How about Dr. PB Appert? Or Mr. Luke Smooth? Do you think that the fact that PB is drawn to left fielders has anything to do with the popular expression, "out of left field" as in this comment is out of left field? Maybe Luke's memoirs could be entitled, "Out of left field: how I fell in love with a nut".

Anonymous said...

no nuts at the wedding? i thought i was going to be the nut girl and get to throw nuts down the aisle!?!?! there went my dreams!
i'm sure we can find some way to get this blog into his hands!

P.B. Smooth said...

Lil' Shady your creative geniusness never ceases to amaze PB. PB likes Mr. Luke Smooth much better. PB takes his last name he takes PB's last name.... and a life of baseball.. PB probably could handle it. Erin... please forward blog to all contacts in hopes that Luke Appert will read... if it is meant to be..synchronicity will take over from here