24 April 2008

What can Brown do for PB?

PB had to attend to some business at the East Petersburg post office Wednesday morning to make sure a sweet package arrived in Flushing, NY for a very dear friend. And many of you Nuts may know that the USPS can (and usually does) bring some creamy adventure. Well, Nuts on this very high pollen filled morning air, the postal gods were kind to PB and she had a smooth transition of the sweet goods to these wonderful federal workers. But wait... you ask what does Brown have to do with anything? As PB turned out of the parking lot she came face to face with a red light. "Darn, how salty." But then to PB's wondering eyes doth appear but a UPS truck with a very tanned legged driver! And right behind him another very cute tanned legged driver! And to make this even nuttier a third very cute tanned legged driver! Ahhh PB was in her PB&J. The gods were pleased with PB this day. She was very thankful to have the salty red light stop her in her trail. So UPS PB gives you a ginormous Jelly! Jelly! And PB thanks your muthas for producing such fine tanned legged men to ease PB's pollen filled eyes so early in the morning. PB also salutes her financial planning wizard friend in Flushing for requesting a sweet deal. Have a safe trip!

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Anonymous said...

It's the Brown thing....anything connected with it is good!