08 June 2008

Special Request

PB and Shady were asked to comment on MLB's recent crunchy occurrence at a Seattle Mariners game on May 26. For those of you nuts who do not know the story a recent lesbian couple was thrown out of the game for kissing. PB personally is not offended and has many nuts of differing shells. PB will say that she is not a personal fan of overindulging PDA (probably b/c PB just enjoys watching the game and frankly has a hard time concentrating on anything but). PB is tolerant of many different shells and ways to crack shells but is intolerant of salty practices b/c the shells are of differing colors. So PB thinks that as long as these nuts (weather of hetero or homo nuts) are engaging in a smooth with their honey nut to please remember there is a BALLGAME occurring on the field isn't this why hard earned shells are being spent? In the end, can we just play ball? PB and Shady would love to hear your Jelly! Jelly! comments on the story.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my thought...a lil PDA is ok. but there is a point. no matter who u are or where u are.