08 June 2008

Smooth Surprise

PB wants to give a big Jelly! Jelly! to Ms. Kristen on her recent Bachelor of Science acquisition. Not only did she obtain this degree but was able to maintain a near perfect (3.99) GPA while working full time. Not an easy shell to crack by any stretch of the nut.

So she decided to have a peanut gallery to celebrate which was totally off the Nut! But this time she went above and beyond herself by providing PB with a smooth surprise at the peanut gallery. PB has been spinning her jar lately trying to determine if she is ready to begin the quest of finding her boy spoon dream. Ms. Kristen provided a totally name brand surprise. PB had invited a Principal Nut to this celebration, which he accepted but then it became chunky because plans fell through. Unknown to PB the chunky situation was resolved and he contacted Ms. Kristen to obtain directions to surprise PB. What a honey nut or what? This SMOOTHNESS NEVER happens to PB. She arrived fashionably late to the peanut gallery to find her honey principal nut friend eagerly awaiting her arrival. Wow! It definitely was no generic night for PB. So PB salutes Ms. Kristen and Principal nut for giving her a wonderful smooth surprise!

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Anonymous said...

c...just when u loose all faith in the male nut species!!!