01 June 2008

Happy Birthday!

PB and Lil' shady wish Erin's words a big smooth and creamy Happy 30th birthday. Thanks for joining us Nuts. Fellow Nuts please stop by to wish her a wonderful day and give her a big Jelly! Jelly!


Anonymous said...

can i have some ice cream with that jelly?!?!?
thanks u r too kind!

Lil' Shady said...

Erin's Birthday Haiku

honorary nut
P.B. and Shady love you
creamy year ahead!

Anonymous said...

haiku...4 me? thank u!!

mikeyp said...

Could you guys please comment on the contraversy that took placeyesterday at The Seattle Mariners game? It seems a Lesbian couple was asked by an usher to stop kissing because it was making another fan uncompfortable. Is that usher nuts? Whats more American than watching a baseball game, having a hot dog and a beer and watching to chicks make out?

P.B. Smooth said...

PB will provide some feedback on an upcoming blog just for you MikeyP