02 March 2008

PB hits the proverbial Brick Wall

PB has figured out what she has been experiencing. The chunky and crunchy feelings are most likely related to her “hitting the wall”. As she was watching the Discovery Channel’s presentation on the Human Body: Pushing the Limits, she realized that her chunkiness is a result of this phenomenon that most athletes experience. Even when PB was running a smooth 9:00 mile she had difficulty getting over this proverbial brick wall. For some reason her brain has difficulty switching into this mode of “survival”. As most of you Nuts know she has been going through the most salty weevil of things in her life and has been struggling to find a way to make it a honey roast. Well, Nuts no such luck. But maybe there is something to be said of this Brick Wall? So there are many creamy and smooth ways for a marathon runner to grind through this chunky brick wall but what about PB's slower more Natural Peanut Butter brain who needs to be stirred on occasion? What's a nut to do? In PB's search for the miraculous solution she came upon an energy diagram which is seen below. It has been determined that PB needs to become a smooth and creamy Player rather than Spectator! So Nuts could you do me a Chop and send me some smooth and creamy vibes? PB being a player will all be new but maybe with it being Peanut month and all PB could find some inner nut strength! Please unshell any nutrageous ideas you might have to provide PB with some insight to crack the shell of the proverbial brick wall.


Anonymous said...

i have no insight for u..but i send u nothing but the smoothest and creamiest of vibes. now and always.
looking forward to crashing ur couch!! (and the peanut is too!)

Lil' Shady said...

Hey, I love the chart. You are lightyears ahead of me with the running thing, so I can't provide you with any insight. I am a spectator wanting to be a player! :) I found a great lake with a track around it near my home. I think it may be better to run around than the ocean boardwalk! I am using the GC to buy some running clothes.

P.B. Smooth said...

PB used this program from runner's world to become a runner