26 March 2008

For the Love of Butter PB gets Philosophical

PB knows her Nut Clusters are wondering where she has been amidst the scandalous rift between Mr. Peanut, Mr. Met, and the Philly Phanatic. Well, some uncontrollable events which occurred when PB was just a 7 year old cowpea have caused some other unfortunate events to occur which in turn caused some others to make decisions about the future of PB and her heart. In other words… PB had been dating a wonderful male Cowpea for almost a year prior to him deciding to break the shell that bound them together! It turns out this Mr. Male Cowpea is having some serious crunch feelings regarding the decisions we have to make as adult Nuts. …Let’s start at the very beginning. When PB was a 7 year old cowpea she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL – and not the laundry detergent Nuts). She received 2 years of chemotherapy but received many many years of amazing adventures at a summer camp just for kids with cancer (so that is the smooth and creamy side). But the story does get sad during her treatment PB unfortunately contracted another disease as a result of the ALL, which she thought she would be able to live with and be just fine. Well, much to PB’s chunky dismay this has not been so. Turns out 2 years ago PB learned she would have to undergo intense! (beyond chunky) treatments which are akin to chemotherapy. Sigh. PB had many sleepless nights agonizing over what the right decision should be and frankly how to come up with the right decision still perplexes PB. Finally, she decided it would be the best thing for herself and her future life expectancy to follow through with the treatments. PB understands her obligations to her fellow Nuts and wants to continue the tour for a very long time. … Fast forward to current day… PB decided to start dating prior to starting treatments… met this Boy Cowpea and things started slowly and she then told him what she would be experiencing and all about her disease. She explained all the risks and side effects. He decided to stick by PB(likw jelly) and offered unending support of her during the beginning and middle stages of treatment. It was not until recently that PB learned he had other feelings which did not lend to wanting to be with PB anymore. Now, what scrapes PB’s shell is that he is getting extremely wrong information and has not been listening to PB. Furthermore, PB recognizes that this has nothing to do with PB but everything to do with this Boy Cowpea and his intense anxious feelings regarding feelings and health. She realized that any time he has been in a relationship for this period of time and the shell gets put in the roaster he cracks and splits off (as if to run away with a cashew- and all us nuts know the cashew is the easy way out in the nut world). PB recognized that he seems to struggle with those innermost feelings that we have for nuts when we coincide in the same shell. So PB asks that you not have crunchy or chunky feelings towards this Boy Cowpea but instead send him smooth and creamy thoughts. Afterall, PB is a lover not a hater and she honestly prays that Boy Cowpea will be able to find peace and see that this is going to be a life long issue unless he faces the fact that relationships are: 1) hard, 2) about the difficult times in life not the smooth and creamy ones, 3) not guaranteed to be smooth sailing, and 4) are not always 50/50. Nuts, life is not guaranteed, nothing is. Everything can change in a split second (there are too many examples and too numerous to mention) and PB honestly feels life is greater in love but it is a risky pursuit but so very worth the extra step to break the proverbial shell. So wish my Boy Cowpea well and pray that he may be able to do some self-examination and reflection that can provide him with growth that will be necessary for him to sustain a meaningful relationship. PB has analyzed and fully understands that he is doing what most men will do when faced with those...dare PB say it...e-m-o-t-i-o-n-s. Remember Nuts always get accurate information from the expert Nuts and always be honest. Talk about things and seek out the experts when you need to. PB would also like to say that even though someone might have an illness, that doesn't change who that person is, especially if you say "I love you". There are no buts in love... keep it on the half shell ya'all. PB would love to hear any words of wisdom and support that all her Nuts have to offer. Also pass out PB's blogs to all your other blogger friends. Next post will consist of some great quotes to get you Nuts through those split shell kind of days (or lives if you are PB).


Anonymous said...

As always I am so totally impressed and in awe over you. You have so much strength and great energy. I know you don't always see yourself that way...but u are. Never forget that...and I won't let you forget it! One part of me REALLY hope the Male Cowpea pulls through for you. And the other part of me (the BFF part) wants to make hamburger meat out of him. (sorry if you're reading this Mr. Cowpea but she'd be doing the same for me!!!) So hopefully we don't have to go butcher on him and he realizes what a great thing he has and won't let her go!
Love U!!!

P.B. Smooth said...

PB is humbledby your kind words and ever supportive words. The secret to energy and strength is to have amazing friends surround you.