31 March 2008

The Creamy Smooth Day has Arrived...finally

Ahh Baseball! Need PB say more? Baseball!

Now, this is where my Nutter Lil' Shady and PB disagree. We do not see shell to shell on our favorite baseball teams. That being said PB and Lil' Shady will unite their baseball cream when it comes to rooting against those axis of evil teams, i.e. New York Yankees (PB has as many crunchy feelings about them as she does about the Dallas Cowgirls). so Nuts there will be many roasts occurring on this blog from now until October. 160 glorious games to play, yet. PB hopes to set an annual record of ballgames attended this year. So any of you other Nuts out there like baseball and want to catch some cracks at the bat you just jelly! jelly! PB and we will spin on into the ballpark!

PB watched her 1st smooth baseball game from a close friend's pod last evening. Ahh the smoothness of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller's voices just soothes PB's frazzled and frayed nerves. Now the only other baseball voice which makes PB just melt into extra creaminess is that of none other than the Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas. PB finds his broadcasting style enjoyable, albeit Mr. Kalas has been making a few more mistakes over these past years. Nonetheless, he is a baseball great. PB salutes PB's pick of the week as a baseball great!

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