21 December 2008

Onto a New Jar

PB is proud to announce that she has successfully completed all the necessary requirements to be considered a psychologist... or at least to legally be able to call herself a psychologist (when she is not working on her next album of course). So for all of you Nut Clusters that provided her with smooth and creamy vibes on the 11th and 12th Dec she thanks you. PB's spoon dreams are all coming true...sometimes Nuts it takes a few extra innings to win the game...but remember the game is not over until the last strike! Until then Nuts keep your eye on the ball and PB promises that eventually it will be hit out of the park. Well, metaphorically speaking of course since PB does not think she could literally hit a major league baseball out of a major league baseball park, unless of course she was roiding. Thanks again Nuts!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Dr. PB!! u rock