21 December 2008

Happy Birthday

PB finally has a free moment to post a special Happy 1st Birthday to her cowpea Erin's son N. PB is excited that he is growing...she dreams of the day when he can have Peanut butter, Cracker Jack, and sit in a baseball seat wearing his Phillies shirt (ok outfit) proudly with "aunt" PB. PB Smooth will need to filter her Pindar so as to not be a bad influence on young ears. But, the reality is, if Little N is to be a Phillies fan (which he will be since this has been placed in a notarized contract) he will learn all about disappointments, prayers, bargains, droughts, cussing, and fan-ness. So, Happy Birthday N and congratulations on taking your first steps towards the world of baseball!

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Anonymous said...

N and his Mom are sure happy to have u around!! There was a reason the baseball loving gene was not placed inside of me...it leaves PB to do the job of creating that love for N!!
Thanks so much for everything! The cowpea and I truly appreciate it and you so much!!