27 July 2008

PSA: Watch out for Salty Nuts!

P.B. Smooth and Lil' Shady were in New York City this weekend and came across a rogue nut who is terrorizing unsuspecting peanut lovers on the subway. Lil' Shady was verbally a-salted by this nut.

Here is Lil' Shady daydreaming about her first-place NY Mets.

Here is that sneaky nut sidling up next to Lil' Shady, who's completely unaware of the bedlam that will ensue.

Shady is horrified when this salty nut asks her, Do you want to see my pea-nus?

PB and Shady are asking all their cowpeas to always be on alert when riding public transportation. Although most nuts are friendly creatures, there are rotten nuts who attempt to spoil the whole bag. At this time, we are unsure if the nut that a-salted Shady is acting on his own or if he's part of the Nut Clusters peanut gang based at Yankee Stadium.

Suspect's Description

1 inch tall
hour glass figure
rough, bumpy shell
light tan colored
burn mark (possibly a gang tatoo) on his waist

He primarily attacks his victims with salty language as his lack of opposable thumbs prevents him from carrying other weapons. He is easily out-run as he has no legs. He was last seen on the 7 train leaving Shea Stadium at around 11:45PM on July 26, 2008.

Stay Alert! Be Safe! And please let us know if you see this nut!

This has been a PSA brought to you by your #1 source for useless information you can't live without, The PB and Shady Blog.

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P.B. Smooth said...

PB witnessed this event when Lil' Shady said some salty words. PB was unfortunately distracted by the Peanut PSA on the 7 train. She apologizes to Lil' Shady for allowing her to experience such comments made by a salty nut.