20 July 2008

Mr. Peanut makes it to Broadway

PB Smooth had a rather smooth and creamy day in the The Big Apple. She and a good friend decided to see a game at Yankee Stadium, not because they like the Yankees (they both have crunchy feelings toward the team) but because this is the House that Ruth built. It is one of the most historic baseball stadiums in the country and it will be no more after this season. In fact after today's game they will only have 29 more games to play there. The day started with that and ended with a spectacular spotting! None other than Mr. Peanut making his appearance on Broadway (next to the Hershey store of course). Congratulations Mr. Peanut and goodbye to the House that Ruth built.


Anonymous said...

that nut sure gets around!

Lil' Shady said...

That is an awesome picture!! If our little nut can make it there, he can make it anywhere! :)