28 July 2008

Have you Seen this Salty Nut?

Apparently this salty nut thought it would be smooth and creamy to copy PB! Except his "salty" nut made it on the television. How crunchy! If any of you nuts have any information as to his whereabouts please inform PB. She needs to crack some shells. Just kidding, PB is a lover not a hater and would like to extend an invitation to this psuedonut to become part of the Nut Clusters!

For those nuts who do not know. PB celebrated her 30th birthday at Citizens Bank Park and all her guests wore these lovely additions along with Hawaiian leis. Apparently this Nut was in awe and copied her idea. PB is very flattered. This game too was at CBP (Mets v. Phillies)


Lil' Shady said...

I have seen that salty nut! He also stole David's Fan-tatis-tic! What a goober!

Anonymous said...

seriously,,,,all those pics were too much. u guys had too much fun this weekend!!