23 January 2009

P.B. gets a new label

P.B. has finally learned her direction in life...forward. It will include a long life (if she has anything to do with it) filled with friends and many more zany acts to follow. Her doc (hot doctor PB would like to add), has given her the "you're cured" speech! PB's peanut butter filled dreams could not even compete with the joy which these words have given her. Let me re-cap for those playing along at home:
Pb enters the facility around 1330 with 2 very good friends in tow. Her appointment is for 1345. She is already nervous and engaging in silly antics which only children do, like pushing all the elevator buttons and getting off on the wrong floor. How could she forget? PB checked in but cannot find her new insurance card, good thing the check-in girl was forgiving. PB sat for about 2 minutes before the nurse called her back. PB crossed her fingers one last time. Once in the exam room she was informed her hot doc was running behind schedule. This was PB's view for about 15 mins:

Whilst she waited PB communicated with friends from the outside world via text messaging, yahoo messenger, and pictures. PB wanted everyone to have part in the experience. Then the moment came when her doc walked in with a lovely pink shirt on which complimented his complexion quite well. He complimented PB on her new hairstyle and then handed her a sheet of paper. PB read it, screamed, and then looked at him and inquired, "does this mean what PB thinks it means." He said, "yes." PB screamed yet again (this time throwing her hands in the air). The doctor then was grasped in a gigantic hug from PB and she started to cry tears of joy. This poor doctor never responds well to PB's tears and NEVER has tissues in the office for PB. He begins to frantically search for a tissue but must make do with a paper towel. PB then screams yet a third time. He continues to smile, laugh, and turn many shades of pink. PB then informs him he must meet her 2 supporting actors (not only 2 mind you just 2 that were there) in this very dramatic moment. He graciously introduced himself and delivered to PB's friends the same words which he had delivered to PB only moments prior. "She's cured." So, thank you all for playing along PB just needed to share the dramatic conclusion to this chapter in her life. She is now in the process of re-designing her label So nuts, PB is open to suggestions. It has been a long time since she did not have to define herself by a disease. Now, PB is going to hunt down the Peanut Gang who has been tainting the most perfect food in the world, peanut butter.


Anonymous said...

Girlie...you were never defined by your disease. There is so much more to you than THAT ever was! I am so happy things turned out the way they did. No matter what, I would have loved you just the same though!

Lil' Shady said...

Hey PB, You must have not marketed your old label very well, because no one I know and respect went along with it! What this really means is that you can feel your peanut buttery best as you continue to conquer the world!