01 January 2009

3 weeks=21 days=the final countdown

Yes, Nuts the time has arrived for PB to learn of the results of her year of H-E-double hockey sticks! She will go for bloodwork tomorrow (hopefully for the final time relating to the nasty disease which caused her much discomfort for a year). PB is trying to stay optimistic but also recognizes the reality of staying well, realistic. Obviously, there are 2 results which could be the reality of her world. PB would like to think she was in a different shell when going through the treatments since she was very OCD about taking her meds (probably missed 5 doses at the most) and taking her injections at the SAME time every week. She hopes this placed her in the higher percentage of chance that her disease will be eliminated, destroyed, demolished, and outcasted from her system. She prays that she will no longer have to bite her nails in worry and angst about how to continue to keep her liver healthy to ensure she is here to have children and watch grandchildren grow. On the other side of the shell, PB feels like 2009 is her year. PB says count with her as she counts her blessings and amazing things which happened to her:
1. PB has the greatest cowpeas eva', i.e Lil' Shady, E-rin, Krazy K, all her other nut posse
2. Her Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series (in dramatic fashion of course)
3. An African American man was elected as President of the free world
4. PB successfully passed her psychology licensing examS only 5 months post treatment!
5. PB's football team, Philadelphia Eagles, made it to the playoffs with a 9-6-1 record (yes that is a stupid tie in the mix) in dramatic fashion of course
6. PB had a professor who really did not like her in graduate school send her a congratulatory email on passing her examS
So PB is really praying and crossing her shells that she can add #7 to the list of: She successfully beat a disease when the odds were stacked against her! So, 2009 PB is ready to meet you shell to shell. And please nuts continue one last time to pray that PB's news is one that will allow her to feel a lot more ahhh what's the word..."normal?" Yeah, that's the one...here's to a prof who sent an email, a football team with a crazy record, passing an exam, a man being elected President, a team winning a championship, and all my wonderful support system of Nuts! PB thinks the odds will no longer be stacked against her but in her favor...move over house PB is going to win big this year! Happy New Year Nuts!


Anonymous said...

I have all my good vibes flowing your way, my fingers/toes are all crossed, and will do whatever good luck thing I can do for you!!

Lil' Shady said...

Shady to PB code: As I said before, I will gladly gather the pieces and put it back together if it means you having the best year ever!