20 November 2008

Conkerr Cancer needs all Nuts Votes!

Ok so PB does not personally know this brave young nut, Ryan Kerr, who lost his fight with childhood cancer; however, PB was extremely touched by the dedication that his parents still have towards finding a way to bring smiles to young faces during their battle with this awful disease. They are also extra smooth and creamy for dedicating time for other life threatening diseases too. How can we not support them? Let's go nuts your vote counts even if it will not enable you to elect the leader of the free world it might mean you bring a smile to a bald 7 year old's head and make a woman's fight for her deceased son even more great! Take a minute or so to share your finger tips at voting for this woman. L'oreal has chosen this brave nut's mother as a nominee for Woman of Worth Award. She was chosen for... ahh heck just check out the Conkerr Cancer website and then click on the above link to vote PB's emotions are getting to her since she finds this level of generosity so amazing! Go...Now!

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