25 November 2008

Am I Ugly?

Shady is moving to a townhouse next month and is furniture shopping. The couch pictured above is *wrong* in so many ways, which Shady will now list in increasing levels of wrongness; it is only available in graphite and a weird tan color, it is a sectional, it has recliners on either side, it looks like something a bachelor would buy, and it is poofy/frumpy. Shady actually laughed at it when she saw it on the showroom floor. It is the exact opposite of what she had in mind. It looks like it should start talking, like Chairy from Pee-wee's Playhouse.

The salesman said that a lot of people have a similar reaction to the couch, but that they stop laughing once they try it out. Always the good sport, Shady decided to humor him, and OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! (Shady actually said this several times). This is the most comfortable couch EVER!!!!!!! It is like floating on pillowy clouds of goodness when in the recline position (notice the extra-wide recliners on either end), and yet it is not so soft that Shady sinks into it and feel like she's 5-years-old. Shady actually kept muttering, Wow, that couch is awesome! for several minutes after leaving the couch area. She used the word "awesome" so many times, that coupled with Shady's young looks, probably made the salesman think that her mommy and daddy were going to show up and actually make the purchase.

So, Shady is not sure what to do because now the couch is altering her perception. The more Shady looks at it, the more she likes how it looks. It's kind of like when someone becomes more physically attractive as you get to love their personality.

Is Shady nuts?!? Shady needs objective opinions from cowpeas who have not fallen under the spell of Couchy!


Anonymous said...

Get some pillows to cover up the plain-ness about it. If is comfy I say go 4 it!!

P.B. Smooth said...

it took Pb about 3 hours to pick her couch out of the 100 or so on the showroom floor. She immediately knew the one when she laid on it and almost fell asleep... if it is comfy than PB says purchase... it can be made pretty with a little love.