05 August 2008


What do PB and Forest Gump have in common? Well, they were a'runnin'. Yes, Nuts you heard correctly PB is back to running. Tonight on her drive home, PB thought it was time to at least try and climb down the other side of the mountain. She intended to start slow beginning at week 1 of her 10 week run/walk program which includes alternating 4 mins of walking and 2 mins of running for 30 mins. So at the 16th minute PB was running and something in her brain clicked (maybe the power of the Dixie Chicks she was listening to?) and she just kept running for the remainder of the 14 minutes! She feels great! ahhhhhhhhh PB is so happy to be back in the saddle again. Nuts, moral is no matter how chuncky things seem there is usually is some creamy adventure waiting on the other side!


Anonymous said...

yeah!! although i do think u r "nuts" 4 running..haha...i am glad u r back in the saddle again. keep it up!!

P.B. Smooth said...

PB was really motivated by her a-salt on the Amtrak train to Boston this past weekend.