26 September 2008

Proud Alum

PB is a proud alum of an all women's college nestled in Allentown, PA called Cedar Crest College. Earlier this week, Ms. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden were graciously hosted by my alma mater. The following link will take you to a video regarding the events from Channel 6 (Philadelphia) and the following link will take to another video from CBS 3 (Philadelphia). Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood was also on hand to have a little sit down with Ms. Obama. A number of other mainstream media outlets were also on hand to conduct numerous interviews on campus. If anyone has not been to the arboretum located on this fine campus, PB suggests making a visit. This campus is as beautiful as it is educational. There is a strong dedication to the promotion of women, which is evident in the development of one of the first and only Master level Forensic Science programs in the country (which by the way has been featured on Montel). PB is definitely proud to be part of this institution and fully supports their endeavors at promoting and enriching the lives of women.Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood filming outside Blaney Hall


Anonymous said...

r u sure that is nancy...i thought that was u!!

P.B. Smooth said...

Nope PB was at home studying Wednesday! Thanks for the compliment. PB thinks Nancy is a rather beautiful woman.