23 October 2009

P.B.'s Spoon Dream

In a nutshell, the Philadelphia Phillies have done the name brand thing and repeated as NLCS champions! so to all those Phillies weevils that P.B. knows exist: how do you like these nuts now? Are the Phillies still a fluke? Do they deserve to be there now? P.B. thinks that these chunky peanut galleries can shove it in their peanut butter jars and put the lid on! The Phillies have proven time and time, clutch hit after clutch hit, they are a team. P.B. thinks it's extremely difficult to be a Phillies fan, any Philadelphia fan for that matter. The passion that some have goes beyond typical "fan-ness" and becomes chunky. Ok. Ok. P.B. digresses but she had to get that off her jar.

Let's just say P.B. has enjoyed her excellent summer of baseball and attended a record number of games this year since she is blessed to have a few baseball fans in her life. Please enjoy this video http://vimeo.com/6877160, a throw back video headlining J. Roll clips. And just in case you missed it...here is the final out....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IpCIi27qqg...P.B. particularly loves the pictures of crunchy Chris "Wheels" Wheeler. To come...for all you Phillies lovers...a showcase of P.B.'s favorite players....stay tuned